Lessons Learned

We were very lucky to get the FIRST-Argosy grant last year as a rookie team, and wanted to share some of our lessons learned from the year.

  1. Only bite off a small piece of the overall challenge, and then try to execute as well as you can.
  2. Get a basic driving base done as quickly as possible, and then start driver training right away.
  3. Finish early enough to actually test all your mechanisms!
  4. At regionals, have students dedicated at your booth to talk to other teams and judges.
  5. Come to regionals with a robot that will pass inspection.
  6. Weekends are the best time to make a lot of progress on the robot.
  7. At regionals, as for help from other teams, they are all very happy to help!
  8. Have a clear idea of how you can best help an alliance win the match.